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Custom AI Chatbots with Your Unique Content


What happens if I hit my plan's limits?

We will notify you of the overages and automatically bill you an extra month based on your current subscription limits or you can choose to upgrade.

Is my content secure?

Yes, we delete your content once it has been processed and all responses are based only on your content.

Do you support foreign languages?

Yes, the system currently supports 92 languages. Customers can ask questions in their native language, even if your content is in another.

Do you have other monthly and enterprise plans available?

Yes, I have monthly and enterprise plans to choose from. Feel free to contact us and we're certain to find a plan that will meet all your needs.

Can you automatically rescan a website or load documents off a public container?

Not just yet, but it is being developed and coming soon.

We can Harness the Power of AI
for Your Business in 2-3 Days

We Create Custom Virtual AI Assistants
using Your Unique Content

All we need to get started is:

  • Your website, URL's, PDF's, and any documents.
  • What custom avatar/icon, background, and prompt you want to use for your chatbot.

If you would like to setup a demonstration or have any particular areas of interest or questions
please feel free to reach out to us anytime!

Contact Us Online Call Us (512) 820-4950

Our Services

Monthly Tier 1 Subscription

$99 Month
1 Chatbot
100 Total Urls/Pages
250 Queries per month

Yearly Tier 1 Subscription
10% off = 1 Month Free

$1070 Year
1 Chatbot
100 Total Urls/Pages
250 Queries per month

Yearly Tier 2 Subscription
20% off = 2 Months Free

$1900 Year
2 Chatbots
200 Total Urls/Pages
500 Queries per month

Yearly Tier 3 Subscription
Over 40% off = 5 Months Free

$3400 Year
5 Chatbots
500 Total Urls/Pages
1250 Queries per month

Enterprise Accounts
Bulk Discounts Available

Custom Pricing
Number of Chatbots, Pages & Urls, Queries per month based on your specific needs.

* Discounts are based on Monthly Tier 1 Costs and Limits